Monday, July 18, 2011

Core Synergistics!!!! Done!!

Week 2, day 1 Core Synergistics done!! I must say my legs and butt are still killing me!! There is alot of Banana rolls and push ups in Core synergistics, which is very hard for me!  I know this will get easier. 

This was dinner this evening:  It was good.  I liked it better in a tortilla!  Here we have:  1 cup uncooked brown rice. two cans of black beans, two cans of rotel diced tomatoes with cilantro, one small red onion,  three cloves garlic, one tsp oregano, tsp cumin, handful fresh cilentro.  Enjoy


  1. keep going. wish i would have had you to cook for me. glad you enjoyed my p90 story...

  2. I love the pictures of your food...just so you know, it was your blog that inspired me to try the same thing...and your stuffed peppers you showed a while ago also inspired my dinner this evening, haha!

    Congrats on getting to Week 2. Each day is a mini-milestone!

  3. Thanks to you both!!! You both are helping me also to stay accountable.

  4. Yum. That sounds great! I could picture that with a side of refried beans.