Sunday, July 31, 2011

P90X Week 3 Done!!!

Wow it’s been a busy last couple of days in this Texas heat!!! We’ve been out there having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday from dawn to dusk.  You want to talk about tired WOW!!!! I did come home on Friday and do my Legs, Back and Ab Ripper.  Ab Ripper was harder for me this time.  I believe my diet may have had something to do with it.  Being out in the sun and snacking probably hasn’t helped.  Then after a long day in the heat again yesterday I came home and did my Kenpo X which I know is one of my favorites but those leg stretches in the beginning hurt pretty bad, maybe because I worked my legs so hard the previous night.  I am starting to see some definition in my legs which feels good.  My husband also says he could tell the difference.  So I guess it starting to work.  I just need to watch my diet and have healthy snacks. 
Today is rest day and next week is The Recovery Phase Whoohoo!! Although I may add abs in that week since that’s where I need the work the most.
Have a Great week everyone!!


  1. It's hard to have healthy snacks...especially if you have those temptations in the house. I have a hard enough time not snacking when I'm not supposed to, haha. Kenpo rocks, but you're so right about those stretches. Not fair to put them right after Legs n' Back. Have a nice rest day!

  2. Good to hear you're noticing progress, you definitely deserve it! Have you taken "before" pictures so you can compare? That's something I wish I had done more of....

    Enjoy your rest day! :)