Saturday, August 20, 2011

P90X Legs, Back & Ab Ripper X week 6

Well this weekend has been a busy weekend so my diet and exercise have not been great.  We went out to dinner and dancing with friends last night so I’ll consider that my cheat meal.  Today my son and I went out for an Italian brunch which makes another cheat!!!
Believe me Both of those were worth the cheat!!

 I did not do my legs, back and ab ripper last night but it’s not a total loss because I did it today and I will do my Kenpo tomorrow which was suppose to be my rest day.

Legs and back was a great workout.  As I’ve said before, sneaky lunges are my favorite.  I think I love them so much because I can do them perfect and feel the burn so I know they’re working.  Not to say I don’t feel the burn on the others.  Wall squats and chair salutations have always been hard but I can do them both now the total time required.

 This has been my best ab ripper x workout to date!!  The bicycles, forward and reverse 25 done whoohoo.  Even the Fifer scissors I was able to 25 whoohoo!!

 On a side note.  My son is going to be in the Cowboys Half-time show with his Mavericks Cheer Team tomorrow night!!!!


  1. Good for you for doing so good ecxersizing!!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  2. I think that if you dance you are exercising .... so not really cheating when you are eating!

  3. Thanks Miriam.
    @ Sammy, I think so too! :)