Sunday, August 7, 2011

P90X Recovery week done!!

Today was the last day of recovery week with yoga.  I have seen so much improvement with this workout.  The last 15 minutes with abs is still hard but that's where I need it the most so I'm trying to push it!

Monday I start week 5.  I'm anxious to use the weights and focus on arms, legs and abs individually again.  Recovery week was more of a cardio and stretch. 

I'm ready to push it these next two weeks until school starts. Then Summer Vacation is over :(

I'll need to find the time at night to workout and continue to focus on my diet!!
Have a Great week everyone!

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  1. Ha, once school starts it's gonna get tricky for me, too! Just gotta push through. I'm considering bringing my equipment to school and just doing it there once the kiddos go home. Enjoy the last 2 weeks of summer!