Saturday, August 13, 2011

P90X week 5 done!!

Last night was Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X. Again I don't think recovery week helped. It was definitely harder at the beginning of the workout. I was able to do everything, just at a slower pace. Sneaky Lunges are still my favorite. I can keep up with these and love the pain!!!!

Ab Ripper X was tough in the beginning after doing 25 bicycles I was only able to do about 15 reverse bicycles. That was tough. But once I got started it got easier. I was able to do 25 fifer scissors which I have never been able to do. Then, the rest of the workout was not a problem.

My diet yesterday was pretty good I didn't eat a whole lot.
For breakfast I went with a friend to IHop and ordered the simple & fit breakfast. Which included, Scrambled egg substitute, two strips of turkey bacon, whole wheat toast and fresh fruit.
For an afternoon snack or lunch I had two celery stalks with peanut butter & cantaloupe, watermelon & honeydew fruit cup.
After my workout I had my Chocolate Shakeology mixed with banana and peanut butter. Then I was done for the day!

Today I will do Kenpo X which I love!!! Then week 5 will be done woohoo. I haven’t decided but I'll probably do the stretch tomorrow night.

On a side note -Thank you God for the rain in Texas!!


  1. Thanks for following *follows back*
    Great work on the P90X looking forward to seeing your progress :)

  2. hello Sharon! thanks so much for checking out my blog. I know little about P90X and have never tried it so I am excited to learn more on your blog!! have a wonderful day!

  3. I can't believe you like the sneaky lunges. My hubby and I can't stand them. They take forever!! =)

    The reverse bicycles took me quite a few weeks to master them. I don't why they are so much harder than the normal bicycles, but boy are they. Way to go on the fifer scissors, it took me until Round 2 of P90X to finally be able to do them without any modification.

    I like celery sticks with peanut butter as well as the laughing cow cheese, but I have a hard time justifying the calories for the peanut butter. It taste so good though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I will enjoy reading about you on your journey.

  4. Thanks for following ladies!! All the insentive really does help!! Tonight I've got Core Synergistics. I'm starting week 6 in the lean program. I just really need to go shopping and plan my diet!