Monday, August 15, 2011

P90X Week 6 Core Synergistics

Wow I can’t believe, “how time flies when you’re having fun” lol.  I’m in week six of the Lean Program.  Core Synergistics has definitely gotten easier.  Exercises that I couldn’t do one of I can now do 5 to 10.  I have no problem with any of the leg exercises.  Again, I love the lunges and love the pain!  The push-ups are still hard but I can do at least 5 and then modify.  The Hip Rises I’ve gone from 1 to about 7.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s an accomplishment for me.

For my diet today I met a friend for lunch and went to Stone soup.  I tried being healthy and ordered ½ turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce, tomatoes & mayo on the side with a cup of broccoli & cheese soup.  After my workout I had my shakeology. 

I didn’t do the pic and measurements in the beginning which I probably should have.  I’m not losing a lot on the scale but I know I’m losing inches because my clothes are fitting much better. 

I will go shopping this week and make a diet plan..

Have a Great evening!


  1. yay! it is always so great to see progress!! congrats!

  2. I'm very envious that you love the pain! I want to do that, too! I've gotten better, though, before I started my fitness journey I HATED just to get sweaty ;)