Thursday, September 8, 2011

P90X Chest, Back and Ab Ripper X

I have made it to week 9 in my P90X Journey whoohoo!  With that being said Chest and back is still not one of my favorite workouts.  In fact I think it is my least favorite!!!! I just don’t like pushups, maybe it’s because I have a hard time doing them.  I can still only do about 7 then I use my knees.

In doing the lean program I have noticed that there is no Legs workout for the rest of the program (the next four weeks).  I was disappointed when I noticed this because legs is one of my favorite workouts.  I do work the legs in kenpo, cardio & yoga but I need the “legs/back” workout to work my legs specifically.   I may switch back/chest for legs/back.

I have four more weeks then I have finished my 90 day workout.  I think this time when I finish I’m going to move on to the Classic version of P90X.  It’s a little harder and instead of cardio I’ll be doing plyo.

My eating has not been totally clean… I had my peanut butter in shakeology for breakfast, Chicken rings, wheat roll, broccoli & cheese for lunch (school lunch) and tuna salad for dinner. 

Until tomorrow’s Cardio!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Love, love, love, LOVE your Tony Horton page...those videos are exactly what I need. Nice to be back on the blog scene. 9 weeks is quite the accomplishment! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jon! I love the videos too! I'd like to meet the man personally!

  3. I'm not a fan of the Chest and Back DVD either but I love, love, love Cardio X. Plyometrics is a great work out too, it burns a TON of calories and it really gets your heart rate in the zone, so if you choose to go with the classic next you'll definitely be getting a work out with Plyo.

    I just wanted to say Keep up the great work! You're doing awesome!

  4. Thanks for checking on me Lillian!! I love, love, love Cardio. But I think I'm ready to move to the Plyo. I've done it before about a year ago (my first round of P90X) so I know what to expect. It's more of a sweat that's for sure!! LOL
    Have a great weekend!!