Tuesday, September 13, 2011

P90X Core Synergistics and Kenpo X week 9

Core Synergistics done.  I’ve gotten better on this one but it’s still not one of my favorites.  I feel my arms getting stronger with the push-ups but those are the worst part of this workout.  I do like the Lunge & Reach and the Lunge Kickback Curl Press. 

I ate pretty clean yesterday. For breakfast I had Quaker oatmeal, Lunch was salad and dinner last night was shrimp stir-fry with red beans & rice and salad. 

Tonight I did Kenpo X one of my favorites.  Week 9 is done!!!  Whoohoo!!

Today’s meals were oatmeal for breakfast, salad with peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and ranch dressing for lunch and split pea soup with smoked turkey for dinner!!

Tomorrow is rest night and SURVIVOR PREMIER.  It’ll probably be a cheat meal with great friends!!

Have a great hump day J

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  1. yayyyy survivor! your food sounds delicious thus far this week! again...awesome job on your workouts!