Friday, September 23, 2011

P90X Core Synergistics week 10

This has been a beautiful week and I believe Autumn is in the air.  Whoohoo I love the Fall!! I’m looking forward to the cool, crisp, weather, the beautiful color changes, and the wonderful smells in the air. It’ll be great to get out there and run in the evenings again.  As for tonight though I will be doing Core Synergistics and I’m looking forward to it.

It has been a busy week for me so I have worked out about every other day!  But I continue to push play. 

I still feel great and have lost about three pounds since the beginning.  I also went to the doctors last Saturday to have my blood work done.  Aside from my blood pressure and cholesterol being high everything looked good.  They did put me on blood pressure medicine but as far as my cholesterol goes I am working on that with diet and exercise.  It has gone down.

 This is what my records show:

On 3/19/10

Cholesterol, total – 231

HDL Cholesterol – 71

LDL Cholesterol – 140

On 9/17/11

Cholesterol, total – 236

HDL Cholesterol – 86 (really good)

LDL Cholesterol – 129(gone down)

I’m not sure why the total is higher but my HDL and LDL has improved.  I believe that exercise and shakeology has contributed to these numbers.

So I’m not going on cholesterol medicine yet and going to continue my P90X and clean eating journey and hopefully these numbers will continue to improve.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!!

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  1. Congrats with great results on your cholesterol and weight! Hope your blood pressure improves, too!

    You're LOOKING FORWARD to fall? I'm a summer person, so I'm in total denial, trying to ignore the temperature dropping and it getting darker outside...