Saturday, October 8, 2011

P90X day 78 & 79 done!

Friday I did my Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Ab Ripper X workout.  Although the pushups in this workout have gotten easier and I am able to do more I still dislike it very much.  That could be why my arms are not as defined as they should be.  I think I give up to soon. 

The Ab Ripper X  workout is great I am able to do all the moves without modifying and I know it’s working.

Today I did Cardio X.  This is a great Cardio workout and only 45 minutes long.  I was able to work up a great sweat and had a feeling of accomplishment.

I am sticking with the program to the end but I just don’t understand why they don’t have the legs & back workout for the last six weeks of the Lean Program.   I miss it and can feel the difference in my legs.  I’m anxious to start the Classic Program in 1 ½ weeks. J

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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