Monday, October 10, 2011

P90X day 80

Yesterday I did Back, Biceps with Ab Ripper X. I used the band instead of the pull up bar in this workout. That seems to work best for me since I can’t do one pull up without using the chair. 
I used the 10lb weights on the majority of the weighted exercises, but on a few I used 8lbs, with the exception of the seated shoulder flys I am still only using 5lbs for that one.

Ab Ripper X was a great workout. I can do all eleven moves, twenty five reps, making it a total of 339 moves.

I ate pretty clean yesterday. For breakfast I had my shakeology with peanut butter, lunch was salad and chicken. Then for dinner I had my favorite bean burritos.

Today is Yoga X.  As of today I have ten more days. Then I will have completed my Lean Version of P90X.

Have a Great Week!!


  1. Ten more days! Woo hoo! How exciting to be so close to the end. I know you plan to go again only with the Classic, but still what an accomplishment! =)

  2. What a healthy diet! Hope you will achieve your task with great success..

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  4. Just found your blog through a blog hop.

    I just gave up on P90X after about 5 days!! I really admire you for making it to day 80!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by following u back

  6. Thank you all for following and your encouragement!! It means alot!!