Saturday, October 22, 2011

P90X day 88

Well I’ve definitely be slacking near the end here.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family and by the time the day is over and I’ve been too tired to work out.  But I haven’t quit I just missed a couple days.

We went to the Texas State Fair on Thursday and had friends over for dinner on Friday night.  As crazy as it sounds I hit play at 10:30 Friday night and did my Kenpo X.  I didn’t have to work today so, right after the Kenpo I did the Stretch X workout.  I went to bed feeling great and glad I got those workouts in.

Tonight I will be doing Cardio X and some time tomorrow will be my Last Yoga X for the Lean Program.  So Tomorrow I will be done with my 90 day, P90X Lean Program, Journey!!!! Whoohoo!!!

I plan on moving right into the Classic Version which will be harder.  I am glad I did the Lean Version first to prepare me for the Classic. 

I can’t say my diet has been great.  So I’m going to work harder on that during these 90 days.  I’m not trying to lose a whole lot of weight.  I’m just want to tone and I know clean eating has a lot to do with that. 

I have become a Coach so if anyone is interested in shakeology, working out or just needing incentive you can email me at


  1. I'm impressed! Two workouts back to back in one night is amazing! And a HUGE congrats on finishing the Lean Program! I bet you feel and look great! It's quite an accomplishment, and not one that many who set out to start, actually finish. Good luck with the Classic version. I really enjoy it, but then again I have never tried the Lean version. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thank you Lillian for following and for your encouragement!!! Today is Yoga then I'll be done!