Tuesday, October 18, 2011

P90X five more days

Yoga and Core Synergistics done!!! I did my Yoga X last night and Core tonight.  I am so anxious to start this next version of P90X, which is the Classic Version.  I miss the Leg and back workout which I haven’t done in six weeks.  The  Kenpo, Cardio and Yoga do work the legs. But I don’t know why they took this workout out of the lean program so early.

 In Five days I can say "I have finished the P90X Lean Program with weight and inches lost!!” Then I’m moving On to the Classic Version with Plyometrics.  I also plan on upping my weight on the arm, chest & back workouts.  I’m going to push it this time.  So by summer I’ll be ready for my next Cruise!!

Now I’m off to watch biggest loser!! I love that show!! Then, X factor. 


  1. ahhhhh!!!! you have dominated this program! congrats on being almost finished with the entire thing!

  2. Thanks for your continued support Julia :)