Saturday, October 15, 2011

P90X Journey one more week!!!

Well here it is Saturday.  I have slacked some this week but I still got all my workouts in.  I did my Yoga X on Wednesday and then Core Synergistics on Thursday.  Today I will be doing Kenpo X. 

Next week will be my Recovery Phase.  Then I’m done!!! I can say I have finished P90X Lean!!! Yea Me!!!

I know I have lost weight and inches.  I have toned a little.  I feel the classic version will do more on gaining muscle and toning which I plan on starting next. 

Like I said before this is a lifestyle change.  I’m not perfect, I may miss some days, I may not eat clean all the time but I know its working and I will continue on this Journey.  Thanks to all who have followed me and encouraged me.  It has helped me to continue!!!

I’m off to LegoLand in Grapevine TX with my son and grandson on this beautiful day!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

P90X and Tony Horton

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