Sunday, October 23, 2011

P90X Lean Program Done

P90X Lean Program Done!!!

I can finally say I have finished the Lean Program!!!  Last night I did my Cardio X and today I did Yoga X.  Tomorrow is rest day and the Last day of this program!!!!  Whoohoo!!!

I have definitely noticed a change in how I feel and how much more I am able to do.  In the beginning of these workouts I could barely do the exercises and now I can do them all with ease. 

I have noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit especially in the mid section.  My measurements are basically the same as the October 16th post. I just needed to finish the program.

I now will continue on and go into the Classic Version of P90X which I know will be more work.  This Classic Version includes Plyometrics which is definitely harder than the Cardio X workout.

Like I’ve said before this is a “Lifestyle Change” for me so, I will continue to press play.
I may miss a day here or there but I’ll just continue on where I left off.

A lot of people start P90X and say it’s too hard or miss days and quit.  You’d be amazed what our bodies can do over time with persistence.  Anything is possible.

Have a Wonderful Sunday!!

Tony Horton and P90X

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  1. Congrats!!! I can't wait to read about your journey with the Classic Program!